What exactly is the MineMap?
An essential tool for AlphaBounce
The MineMap is here to guide AlphaBounce players through their adventure. This map has more than one goal.
First of all, it's a community tool, where the best players enter data. After this, anyone can come and read these. In this map, you will find for each entered level: the mineral concentration, missile reloads, shops, P bonuses, misison objects, and many more!

Thanks to a simple display, anyone will be able to find his or her way through the universe and get the most out of their capsules.

What can I find in the MineMap?
The MineMap collects much information about AlphaBounce. Among it, there are:
- The minerals
- The shops
- P bonuses
- Screenshots
- Missiles
and also the planet landings, mission objects, black holes, antiradars, etc.

Why register to the MineMap?
The MineMap allows registered users to access useful features.

It mainly lets each user have his or her own personalized map. Each registered user can therefore track their moves and plan their journeys in a more simple way.

The AlphaBounce elite will be allowed to enter data into the map, so that it can get more and more useful. :)

Registration for the MineMap is of course free and very fast. However, some ad panels can sometimes show up to finance this project (domain name, hosting, etc.).

No SPAM will be sent and the given data will be kept safe.

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